Geneva, love options, and the frogs

I’m sitting in the living room of the hotel, talking to the manager. She says she recently got engaged. They’re going to get married this year, in September. They met after she moved here. I’m very happy for her. I wish I could participate in a wedding, it’s been a long time since I have […]


Telepathy in Rome

While in Rome, one million things crossed my mind that I wanted to freeze in a post. While in Rome, I decided to let go of the ancient book, because he’s really too dusty. And also because my brother was very clear about it when I told him the story: “he need you to boost […]

about ancient books

more than one year after the last post, here I am again. things that happened in the meantime: he sold his soul. I healed. how do I know he sold his soul? he told me. he said he was not ready to overcome his fears and he embraced other choices. how do I know I […]

Suffering for love

I found myself wondering why we always have to suffer for men. actually, we suffer for anyone. men (love partners, in general) are simply those we have the most powerful bond with because it involves the body as well, the physical attraction. it moves energy and connection on a different level. This is important to […]

I just want your happiness

-I love… I just love that I can make you smile… he pauses. he looks at me. “I got you”, he says. “do you?” I push back. he takes a deep breath. -I got you, but if I’m not able to make you smile, then you know something’s off with me. I want you to […]

One or two bathrobes?

I’m at my friend’s place. she invited me over for the weekend. for the first time in ages, I’ve been sleeping at someone else’s home. I’m in their bathroom. I look around and I notice two bathrobes hanging on the door. their entire life as a couple flashes before me. two bathrobes are a commitment. […]

The fridge and a teddy bear

he calls me the day before his trip. he gives me his entire schedule, number of days he’ll be off, movements, coordinates. Oh that’s sweet. He’s actually doing that. I mean, calling before leaving and sharing his schedule. he makes mention of an old friend coming to visit and to stay with him. she’s new […]

Life is a game, but love is a serious mystery

when that person is back into your life after a separation, the most challenging part is not to lose focus on yourself. with the twin right here, looking at you with a mix of puppy eyes and I-want-to-eat-you vibes, standing in his bettered version, more matching your frequency and all that cool stuff that sounds […]

Throwback. Plot twist

hey… do you have time? we need to talk, there’s something you have to know. I have feelings for you. I know it sounds crazy. I barely know you, we spent only a few hours together. but I cannot stop thinking about you. you make me feel like I was a teenager. I’m getting nervous […]


and he called. of the one million theories that I had about what he wanted to say, he chose the second most unrealistic one. he doesn’t cease to surprise me.